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Ayubia Receives Snowfall in the Month of May after 100 years

After a 100-year, Ayubia known for its beautiful green mountains received mild snowfall in the month of May. Ayubia is located in the Abbottabad district, KP.

Galiyat region is located nearby which also received light rainfall on Tuesday. This was quite surprising for the local population.

90-year-old resident of Ayubia Haji Muhammad Aniyat Abbasi said he had not witness such a weather since the colonial rule of British before the partition.

As per Abbasi, his elder brother told him that back in 1920s Ayubia region received snowfall in the month of May.

He revealed that when his forefathers lived in the region, the cold weather was quite unbearable. They used to face many hardships.

As per the 16-year-old high school student Yasir Abbasi, snowfall in the month of May is quite bizarre for him but he enjoyed it.

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65-year-old Samina bibi said that she witnessed snowfall as she was buying groceries. She said she had never seen such a weather in her life during May.

This change in weather could be an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic as the whole world is under lockdown, the weather is not polluted which may be the reason for the low temperature.

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