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Awami Taxi App will Now Pick a Ride from ANYWHERE, No Advance Booking Required

With the emergence of ride-hailing companies in Pakistan, the competition has become tougher & tougher. Every company has to offer something different from the other to stand out.

Well, Awami Taxi has found the USP to compete with companies like Uber & Careem.

Awami Taxi has introduced Hop In Service which will make ride-hailing really easy for customers. This service allows drivers to pick rides from anywhere. Customers can stop a ride as they spot it. There is no advance booking required for this service.

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Why is this service so beneficial?

  1. If you have no internet, you will still find a ride
  2. If your cellphone charging is down, you don’t have to book a ride, you can hail it as you spot it
  3. If you don’t have a smartphone, you will reach home with Awami Taxi service
  4. If you find booking a ride procedure difficult, you don’t have to book it anymore

So now Awami Tax, Hop In Service claims that it will solve all these issues & riders will have no trouble at all.

You can spot an Awami Taxi on the road, stop it & ask the driver to take you to your destination. The charging will be as per ECO & ECO+ plans of Awami Taxi. No additional charges will be taken. Yes, the company claims that no peak charges will be taken from the customers.

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How can Awami Taxi be spotted?

It will have special stickers installed on the front & back screens, which will be its identification.

Awami taxi currently operates in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Wah Cantt, Hassan Abdal, and Taxila.

This service has started from Feb 12, 2018, and now it is operational. So what are you waiting for? Don’t book a ride, go & use it as you spot it.