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Awami Markaz fire caused CPEC document lost worth Rs.50 billion

Awami Markaz

As indicated by the most recent updates, the fire has re-erupted at the Awami Markaz Software Technology Park.

It is a tragic start to the day, as the Awami Markaz Software Technology Park in Islamabad has burst into flames. The building houses a few private and government workplaces.

Because of this occurrence, two individuals lost lives and one individual is accounted for to be injured. These individuals, purportedly, hopped from the workplace construction instead of taking the crisis exit.

Awami Markaz houses many major organizations and associated projects

Awami Markaz Software Technology Park is a 6-story building and houses software organizations including an office of the Federal Tax Ombudsman. The fire is said to have erupted in Federal Tax Ombudsman office. Every one of the records have likewise been burnt by reports. No news of either data being stored digitally on cloud has of yet surfaced. The record of a Rs50 billion project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), placed in the Federal Ombudsperson’s office, was also said to have been completely destroyed.

The reason for flame is not yet affirmed but rather sources say it was discovered because of short circuit in the main line of power. The degree of harm is likewise not affirmed but rather because of Sunday dominant part of the workplaces were shut. Consequently, many individuals were not at the workplace. This has saved lives but there is a lot of data that is lost.  There were 12 people who have been rescued. However, a watchman is still missing. Two vehicles parked near the building were also damaged.

Knowledge Platform, Aksa-SDS, Federal Tax Ombudsman, and CPEC have their homes in this building.

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