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Aviation Sector Representatives Wants Permit to Fly on More Routes

It is high time for Pakistan to boost the tourism industry for encouraging the aviation sector. The government should allow airlines to fly on many more routes, other than the already covered routes. This act would not only help in expanding the airlines’ operations but would also be giving more flying alternatives to the customers as told by the experts from the aviation industry during a seminar.

On Thursday an aviation conference was organized by the Shaheen Air International (SAI) in the federal capital themed “Let’s make aviation better”.

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Kashif Sehbai—Chairman Shaheen Air while speaking at the conference said that owing to many reasons Pakistan’s aviation industry has taken a hit causing many International airlines to close their operations in the span of last ten years. He complained that the Pakistan-based airlines did not get the opportunity to spread its operations very much outside the nation.

He added that it is high time for us to realize the situation and to move into the tourism sector to attract tourists. He said that Pakistan has been blessed with beautiful sceneries and naturally amazing sites so that should be used in country’ favour for attracting foreign tourists that would not only boost the business but would also help in building a positive world-wide image of Pakistan.

The airline has been occupied with the increment of both local and international routes by bringing in new investments and adding more to the airplane fleet.

Sehbai pleaded the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) representatives to allow the airline by permitting it to fly on more routes than allowed presently for assisting them in expanding operations and to provide more flying alternatives to various routes to its customers.

The officials of the Pakistan Navy, Army and Air force added that the organizations are engaged with the improvement of the security situation in Pakistan for the improvement of the aviation industry which would further be stabilizing the economy.

The representatives of CAA, Shaheen Air and airline alliances said that they would be keeping their differences apart and would work mutually together for an improved future of the aviation industry in Pakistan.

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