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Avari Hotels and Roomi Enterprises to Launch Two New 4-Star Hotels in Multan

Byram D. Avari, Chairman of Avari Hotels Limited talked this Tuesday about founding two new four-star hotels in Multan. He said that his business group intends to make these hotels with a capacity of eighty-eight rooms.
Multan is the cultural and economic center of South Punjab and is the fifth most populated city in Pakistan. The city is famous for the Sufi Shrines.

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Avari Hotels is a Karachi based international hotel chain. It’s a multinational managing hospitality sector. It built its first hotel, Beach Luxury during the year 1948, in Karachi.

During the opening event of a twenty-four-bed hotel, Chairman Avari Hotels mentioned that another hotel of the universal standard is being constructed in Multan.

Avari Hotels Ltd in collaboration with Multan-based Roomi Enterprises Ltd is working on the two projects together.
Roomi Enterprises is in the line of business since past 65 years initially it launched itself by the importation and trade of dental machines and materials and now it is the franchise owner of toothpaste like “Sensodyne” and “Protect”.

Mr. Avari added that the investments from China would be making the economy strong. He mentioned that China is investing an amount of forty-six billion dollars for the republics own economic existence, this would surely be benefiting Pakistan. The Chinese investment will keep Pakistan intact.

According to Byram D. Avari twenty-two, thousand Pakistani pupils are learning Chinese language in China. He said that Chinese is also being taught in various educational organizations throughout Pakistan.

He emphasized his faith in China by saying that China will not be another East India Company for Pakistan. Trade size would be boosted with China and other Central Asian countries because of Gwadar Port.

The Chairman of Roomi Enterprises Ltd also added during the ceremony that the founding of hotels of the international standards would improve the economic activities in Southern Punjab, especially Multan.

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