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Availability of iPhone X Units Up to 2-3 Million at Launch Day: Says KGI

At a time when there are only weeks left in the launching ceremony of Apple’s iPhone X, analysts from KGI restates that due to the production problems, only 2-3 million phones will be available by 3rd November (launch day). According to KGI, lack of availability of components such as the antenna, wide-angle camera, printed circuit boards and infrared based dot projector (depth sensor), in abundance are causing manufacturing issues.

In the recent days, it has been frequently reported that Apple suppliers are finding it difficult to speed up the production rate of iPhone X. In light of the fact that a few components of the phone have been redesigned, it is quite expected that the production of such components at a mass scale would require some time.

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Previously, production of the 3D sensor was referred as to be the reason for the slow production rate. However, today it was revealed by KGI that the shortage in supply of dot projector along with some other components is the real cause hampering the production speed of the phone.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the flexible antenna PCB of iPhone X requires special materials, processing, and quality check. Much higher specifications required for the iPhone X antenna components as opposed to the earlier versions has been the biggest problem in ramping up the production rate of these phones. Due to the failure of Murata, a supplier who was initially given the responsibility to meet most of the PCB antenna requirements an alternate supplier would now be manufacturing and supplying these PCB’s.

In iPhone, X Apple has introduced two different PCB’s for telephoto and wide-angle lens, which is quite unique in design as compared to the designs adopted by it’s competitors. However, this uniqueness of the design has come up to be an issue for the suppliers in terms of mass production.

Despite the problems associated with the production rate of iPhone X, KGI predicts an upsurge in the production of PCB’s and dot projectors within the month of November, which would increase the availability of the phone in the market. However, the recent shipment estimate (as per KGI) for the first four months has seen a fall from 30-35 million to 25-30 million.

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