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Automated Registration Cards to Replace Registration Books by April 2018

The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department (ETNCD) would be introducing the automated registration cards (ARC) in place of registration books by the April of this year (that is April 2018).

The project’s initial launch was expected to happen last year in November (November 2017) but like many other government projects, this project also experienced a delay. The major project would be kicking off in March from Lahore where the government intends to introduce the automated registration cards replacing the registration books.

Once the Excise department runs out of the stock of the registration books it would stop issuing the books completely and would provide automated registration cards instead.

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As per details shared by the Excise Department, the ARCs have got eleven security features—which are presently more than any other automated registration card in the entire world.

The security features are listed as follows:

  1. Pigment printing
  2. QR code
  3. Customised tactile impression
  4. Guilloche on both sides
  5. MRZ
  6. Kinetic animation/flip image
  7. Variable UV security printing
  8. Micro text
  9. Metallic emblem
  10. Secure NFC Chip
  11. Customize holographic security laminate

The NFC (near field communication) chip provided on the automated registration cards would be verifying and displaying the needed information present on the card which includes the token tax expiry date etc.

Exactly like the registration books, the automated registration cards validity would be for the span of five years.

The idea of the ARCs is inspired by the Western nations where the registration cards are used instead of the registration books. The objective of this project is to end the hassle associated with the weak registration books which experience a wear and tear condition after some period and are difficult in terms of portability because of their size.

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