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Auto Parts Makers are Willing to Make Medical Equipment

PAAPAM (Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers) have made an offer to manufacture medical equipment locally. They are willing to start making ventilators.

The association sent a letter to the Engineering Development Board on Wednesday which said that the association is planning to expand the support as the virus is increasing very quickly and the need for ventilators is increasing.

The association of Auto parts manufacturing also admired the government’s initiatives to handle the situation which mainly includes; tax and duty-free import of all medical equipment and all other basic goods which are required on an immediate basis. A lot of requests were heard from the different government forums in order to search for options for producing important medical equipment in Pakistan, the letter read. There is a long list of imported medical items and the production of these items will depend on the population of the country and also the import bill.

The association showed its complete support for the country. The letter also mentioned that the Engineering Development Board which looks after us is fully guaranteed with our cooperation in the efforts for the development and in the making of the medical items. The auto parts association specifically made a request to participate in the efforts of manufacturing the medical equipment.

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