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Authorities blacklisted twelve foreign recruiting firms in Pakistan

Authorities blacklisted twelve forrign recruiting firms in Pakistan

According to the details, the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE) has blacklisted as many as twelve recruiting firms and barred the foreign firms from hiring Pakistani workers due to non-compliance of the employment code, resulting into grave problems for the emigrants.

The Bureau is working under the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development and blacklisted the foreign firms during the current year for not ensuring the jobs that have been promised, timely and agreed salaries, besides the issuance of the fake working visas, a representative of BEOE told on Tuesday.

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According to the details, the six of the blacklisted recruiting firms were from Azerbaijan and three from Iraq and Oman each had been barred from hirring the manpower from Pakistan.

The action was taken by the government after a thorough examination of complaints received from the affectees.

The names of the blacklisted firms by the government of Pakistan are Shah International F/S LLC, Nazar Motors LLC, Lardak LLC, Ay Si Vi LLC, Arkuita LLC, Citizen Munawwar Latifi, Shirka Ardh Al-Muheet, Shirka Amwaj Ul-Bahar, Shirka Seeufue Ul-Badar, Catalyst Contract Trading Company Fourth Union Reconstruction LLC and Dar Ul Riyan International LLC.