Authorities ban petrol, diesel cars from entering a street in central London

In order to reduce pollution, the local authorities announced that petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from entering a street in central London.

The authorities said Beech Street, which runs underneath the Brutalist designed Barbican Estate, would become the first “24-7 zero-emission Street” of England.

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The City of London Corporation announced that during an 18-month trial starting next year, electric or hybrid vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists will be allowed to access the area.

However, access to the area will be given for collection and deliveries, for those using car parks off the street and emergency vehicles.

“The steps taken by the authorities will help us eliminate toxic air on our streets as drastically reducing air pollution requires the radical actions,” Jeremy Simon, the chief of the environment committee of the corporation said.

The officials of the administration said that they expected a reduction of 90 to 95 percent in traffic on Beech Street in central London, and an improvement in the quality of the air around the immediate area, which includes two schools.

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