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Australian Firm Develops a New Cure for All Cancer Types

all cancer types

Scientists in an effort for placing an end to cancer, are making a claim that they have created a cowpox style virus. According to the reports, the newly developed virus is able to kill every type of cancer in a Petrie dish. As per reports the virus has successfully shrunk the tumours in mice.

The treatment is referred to as CF33 which is formed under the guidance of the US-based cancer expert—Professor Yuman Fong. The treatment is developed at the Imugene—which is an Australian biotech firm.

By the end of 2020, the scientists are hopeful to test the virus on the patients of breast cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, bladder and bowel cancer.

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Professor Fong says that the positive results on mice do not guarantee that the CF33 treatment would have the same results in human as well. But historical evidence indicates that the various types of viruses have cured the different cancers. For instance. Brain cancer was cured by a virus that causes the common cold.

As per the Professor, it is too early to determine the timeframe within which the CF33 treatment would be extensively available.

The newly developed virus would be introduced into the tumours of cancer patients via injection. The virus would be infecting the cancer cells making them burst. The immune system would then become aware of any other cancer cells in the body. Any current cancer cells would be destroyed by the immune system.

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