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Australia Prints 46million $50 Notes with an Error

$50 note

The new $50 note of Australia, which was introduced last October, has been identified to contain a typing error. On one side of the bill, there is the picture of Edith Cowan—the first woman who served in the Australian parliament. The side also features micro text from her first-ever speech made to the Western Australian parliament—and in that speech is where there is the typing mistake.

The speech reads that it is a great responsibilty to be the only woman in the parliament and that she wants to stress the necessity which is present for the other women being here. The misspelling of the word responsibility is repeated thrice on the note.

The typo was noticed by an eagle-eyed listener of the Australian Radio station—Triple M, who then sent a zoomed picture of the note to the radio station.

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Triple M then placed it on its Instagram account.

Andrew Crelin—a currency expert and the owner of the Sterling Currency in Western Australia, informed 6PR radio that there are 46million more such notes that have got the typo in circulation.

The new generation of the $50 note follows new $5and $10 bills that were introduced in Australia at the start of 2017. The RBA says that these bills feature improved anti-counterfeit technology and texture to help the people who are visually impaired.

The Reserve Bank is all aware of the typo, as per the statement of the spokesperson they would fix the error before the next print run.

A new $20 bill is in plans and would be printed in October.

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