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“Aurat March” to be Held on March 8

Sheema Kermani—a social activist has announced a rally on the 8th of March from Frere Hall to Quaid-e-Azam Museum for celebrating the International Women’s Day.

While addressing a press conference alongside Moneeza Ahmed, Bushra Arain, Qurat Mirza, Husna Baloch and Ester Jane at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Monday, she made this announcement.

She said that the “Aurat March” was launched in 2018 when the women belonging to a variety of backgrounds, professions and affiliations issued a call for mutual action.

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She added that we have the objective to unite the women for the reason of gender justice and social change and will honour the International Women’s Day with a rally.

She informed that the Aurat March is not being funded by any political party or NGO or any other group as it is neither political nor NGO, however, it targets at serving and uniting the women in the society. There would also be a programme held at the Frere Hall.

She mentioned that the philosophy behind Aurat March is to ask for ending the violence which the women experiences, to get the reproductive justice, to receive the workers’ rights and the environmental justice.

She said that every individual and community have the right to drink clean water, inhale fresh air, to go to public lands freely and enjoy. She added that we ask for the protection of climate and natural resources for ourselves and for the generations to come.

The March is a way to bring closer and get together with the individuals who are fighting for the same cause, doing so gives them encouragement to deal with their situations.

Aurat March is an inspiration taken from the struggles that are going around globally for the safeguard and rights of women. This march would not be limited to Karachi, inspired marches would soon be happening in Islamabad and Lahore.

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