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Aurat March Held Throughout Pakistan to Mark International Women’s Day

Aurat March

Aurat March held across Pakistan for marking the International Women’s Day.

Twenty-five years back, the leaders vowed to empower girls and women and to work together to put an end to discrimination after a landmark gender equality meeting in Beijing.

Campaigners for gender equality marked the International Women’s Day on Sunday with protests, walkouts and discussion panels as well as celebrations scheduled across the world.

From getting more girls to enrol in schools to curb the deaths in childbirth, improvements have been made. But equality still seems a long way off, with many girls and women still suffering from discrimination, violence and poverty.

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This year the theme of the Women’s day is ” I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights.”

As per the programme schedule, that has been issued, various seminars walks, conferences and events would take place to underline the importance of the women’s role in the society and in the state.

The main event of the Aurat Azadi March would be held in Islamabad by the Women Democratic Front (WDF), Women’s Action Forum, Awami Workers Pary, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Progressive Students Federation and Mazdoor Kissan party.

Pakistan saw its first Aurat March 3 years back in Karachi. Last year the march was extended in other cities which include Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan among others.

People from all walks of life across the globe come together to promote gender equality, however, to combat this big task is no longer limited to protests on the street. Social media has a greater role to play in spreading awareness than ever before. Via the digital medium, exceptional global movements for women and their rights, equality and justice are tremendously high.

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