August 14 Independence Day Business Is Booming, Almost 15859.701 Million Revenue Expected – Research Snipers

August 14 Independence Day Business Is Booming, Almost 15859.701 Million Revenue Expected

Business is booming as we approach the 70th Independence Day. Stalls have been set up, and the season of flags, Independence Day shirts, badges, and face paintings has just begun.

Let’s look at the profit to businesses during Independence Day statistically. The population of Pakistan is 193.2 million that is 19320000 and the households in Pakistan are almost 2883582. Now a household spends around 100 to 1000 on Independence Day products at an average. That would be 550 estimates per household.  The total number of household in Pakistan and their estimated amount spent on Independence tell us that the profits business gain during this day is almost 1585970100 or, 15859.701 million which is a huge amount.

Independence Day related shops and stalls all around us have created a nostalgic feeling amongst the public.

The huge supply of products is set up by shopkeepers keeping in mind the demand of public in these days.
In Anarkali Bazar, Shah Alam Market, Ichhra market, Baghbanpura bazaar, Moon Market Allama Iqbal Town and Urdu Bazaar Lahore special stalls have been put up. The traders have acknowledged the fact that Independence Day brings massive business prospects for the vendors and shopkeepers.

Kids are interested in buying stickers, caps, badges, and flags. Many are fascinated by face painting. The youngsters are attracted by Independence Day shirts.

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Not just market business is booming in August but educational institutions, local administration, Metropolitan Corporation Lahore, departments of Sports, Civil Defense, and Social Welfare have announced the celebrations to be conducted throughout August.
Musical events, Meena bazaar, Independence Day related functions would be held all around Pakistan.