Audio and Video calling will soon arrive at X (Twitter)

Just a few days back we learned that Elon Musk is going to rebrand the social media platform Twitter. Reportedly, the name of the platform will now be ‘X’. we have come across the new logo, however, the rebranding is not complete yet as we still have access to Twitter remains. Interestingly, X is coming with several new features like audio and video calling support and others.

The source of this information is a tipster named Abhishek Yadav. The tipster shared a screenshot from an iOS device that shows the options for audio and video calling. You should be able to control who can phone you, it appears. You will have the option to select from your address book, your followers, your subscribers, verified users, and everyone else. You can combine and match these choices.

There is no information on whether the new feature will be limited to paid users or not

Currently, there are no details regarding the availability of the new feature. It is unclear whether the feature will be restricted to paid users or will be accessible to every user on the platform. Since we have come across the leaked information, the feature might be ready to roll out soon.

Besides this, the audio and video calling support is not the only feature that will come to X. Given the aims of Elon Musk of turning X into an everything app, we can expect a lot of new features in the future. It looks like Musk is taking inspiration from the Chinese WeChat platform since he mentioned it in the past.

Recently, we came to know that organizations can now post jobs on the platform. In the past, it was reported that the platform would gain banking and payment features soon. The rebranding of Twitter to X indicates that a considerable change is underway. It appears that the app will be more than just a social media site. We will learn more about it in the upcoming weeks and months.