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Audi new car models will have Amazon Music dashboard

Not everyone uses Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto to stream music directly to their car’s dashboard. Many users still rely on the car’s default dashboard control panel to play music. But if you are the person who solely relies on the default control panel, then it’s time to rock n roll with a variety of music available in your new car.

Audi is playing its part like Ford has started collaborating with Apple and Google to offer infotainment systems providing an alternative to their own systems and interfaces. Not only music is the first priority for Automakers, General motors take one step forward by offering e-commerce platform in the new upcoming models. General Motors has recently announced that it will equip e-commerce dashboard in its upcoming cars. GM has partnered with Amazon and IBM to develop this e-commerce dashboard.

But Audi is going all alone with little help from Amazon, the German Automaker now offer its customers with access to Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited right from Audi’s dashboard in 2017 and 2018 models.

Audi models which will have this integrated feature in their dashboards would include; Audi A3, A4, A4 allroad, Audi R8, Q7, Audi TT and almost all 2018 models including Audi A5 and Q5. You just have to sync Audi MMI app with the car over WIFI and login your Amazon account and you are all set to start beats.

This will let you navigate through latest tunes, stored music purchases, and playlists via dashboard. You don’t need to have USB and Bluetooth connections anymore.

However, Audi-Amazon collaboration could lead to Alexa voice controls ahead, which is not confirmed yet but it is likely to come. General Motors, has already confirmed using Alexa skills for voice controls on the dashboard.