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Attack on New Islamabad International Airport – Warning Issued

Intel Reports have warned of an attack on the New Islamabad International Airport, thus the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a red alert in the whole airport.

The aviation officials have been informed that after the suicide attack in Attock, there can be an attack on Islamabad Airport as well. In the Attock attack, 18 individuals got injured and 3 were killed. The van at Dhoke Gama in Attock district was the target. Thus, security agencies have given warning to the airport authorities now to be careful.

Now as per the new directives, the passengers can only bring one person with them to drop them off at the airport. Furthermore, a new troubleshooting is developed to figure out the operational problems at the newly built airport.

On May 3rd the New Islamabad International Airport was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan AbbasiPK-300 carrying 150 travelers was the first flight from Karachi to land at the New Islamabad International Airport.

The airport opened after years of delay yet it had major faults, the baggage system failed on the very first day, flights got delayed, the system went down and people suffered. Also due to the pathetic traffic condition in Islamabad PIA has asked its customers to reach the airport at least 5 hours early from their departure time. PIA said that due to “traffic congestion because of security checks” you need to be early.

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PIA tweeted, “Valued PIA customers, in light of the traffic congestion due to strict security checks at entry points of the new Islamabad International Airport, you are kindly requested to report at least 5 hours prior to departure time for your international flights.”

Now other than the administrative, management & traffic issues at the airport, the security issue has also come up, which is quite alarming.