AT&T has an AI tool based on ChatGPT to assist employees

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AT&T is one of the well-known phone carriers in the US. Recently, the company made an announcement that it has developed a new AI tool based on ChatGPT to assist its employees. Well, AI is a rapidly growing field. It is now widely adopted by the various sectors of the industry. The company made the announcement regarding the new AI tool in its blog post. The new tool has been named Ask AT&T.

Ask AT&T was developed in collaboration with Microsoft

In order to increase productivity, several tech companies are looking forward to AI tools. The same is the case with Ask AT&T. It is basically a generative AI tool that could be used by employees to boost their productivity. Reportedly, the company partnered with Microsoft to develop this tool. Microsoft is a big investor in OpenAI. It is utilizing AI tech in most of its services.

As far as the functionality of the chatbot is concerned it will help the employees rather than providing customer service. So, you won’t get to talk to an AI chatbot during customer service. the company has mentioned its utility specifically for developers. The advancement in generative AI is worrisome for developers since anyone can generate a code using text prompts. The company indicates that the tool will help the developers of the company with coding.

Similarly, the tech will be utilized for customer documentation as well since AI is quite efficient at processing and presenting the information. It could help with the translation of customer documentation. It could even help the employees fetch the relevant information about consumers without going through whole documents.

Ask AT&T has numerous applications that could boost productivity and performance. We hope that such AI tools might not lead to layoffs in the future since it is a main concern with the rapid rise in AI tech.

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