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ATP Chairman Pays Tribute to the Armed Forces and Medical Staff

Muhammad Faiq Shah, Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) paid a tribute to the police, paramedics, doctors, sanitary staff, volunteers, workers and armed forces who are risking their lives to save other lives from COVID-19.

On Friday, he spoke to a media person regarding these heroes and called all doctors, armed forces, and volunteers, etc as warriors. The party chief asked to assure the protection of the medical staff. Also, he asked the government to show no leniency in preventive measures so that the pandemic virus can be tackled easily.

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He further stated that unity among all is the key right now and only unity can help to fight coronavirus which has killed people in masses globally.

Shah mentions that the prime source of transmission of this virus is the local atmosphere; mainly the virus is spreading from the local atmosphere. He is advising people to follow the Islamic saying that says ‘cleanliness is half faith’.  

Where the government is being requested to take care of the medical staff and forces, now the market is short of sanitizers and face masks which is a basic need nowadays for everyone and especially for the medical staff who is continuously dealing with the corona patients day and night.

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