Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices for the Fifth Time in 2018

The largest bike producer and manufacturer in Pakistan, Atlas Honda has increased the bike prices for the fifth time in 2018. Atlas Honda has raised bike prices by up to PKR 4,000. No reason has been given for increasing the bike prices but we do know that they will come in effect from 3rd October 2018.

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Honda CD-70

  • Old Price: PKR 65,500
  • New Price: PKR 65,900
  • Difference: PKR 400

Honda CD-70 Dream

  • Old Price: PKR 68,900
  • New Price: PKR 69,900
  • Difference: PKR 1,000

Honda Pridor

  • Old Price: PKR 90,900
  • New Price: PKR 91,400
  • Difference: PKR 500

Honda CG-125

  • Old Price: PKR 110,900
  • New Price: Same
  • Difference: Same

Honda CB-150F

  • Old Price: PKR 172,000
  • New Price: PKR 176,000
  • Difference: PKR 4,000

Honda CB-250F

  • Old Price: PKR 640,000
  • New Price: Same
  • Difference: Same

Earlier, Honda increased its bike & car prices due to the devaluation of rupee against the dollar. This time even though it is not clear as to why Honda has raised vehicle prices but we do know that in July 2018 Honda sold 90,009 units but in August the sales went down to 80,012 units. It could be a reason that compelled Honda to increase its prices. Also, Honda will spend $15 million to increase its production capacity to 1.5 million units annually.

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