Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices Again

Honda Atlas has increased its bike prices again in Pakistan. The maker of Honda bikes in Pakistan, Atlas Honda has raised bike prices for the 6th time.

The new prices are

Honda CD 70

New Price: PKR 69,500

The price has been increased by PKR 2,600.

Honda CD Dream

New Price: PKR 73,500

The price has been increased by PKR 2600

Honda Pridor

New Price: PKR 95,500

The price has been increased by PKR 3100

Honda CG 125

New Price: PKR 114,500

The price has been increased by PKR 3600

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Honda CB 150F

New Price: PKR 187,000

The price has been increased by PKR 8000

According to the company, the devaluation of rupee against the dollar affects the prices of its bikes and vehicles in Pakistan. However, it must be noted that Honda has increased bike prices of all its units, even those that were produced under the former dollar rates. Therefore, even though rupee has devalued, Honda is earning more by selling all its bikes even the older versions at a higher rate. So it seems that Honda is trying to make use of the current situation and increase prices on the pretext of rupee devaluation.

Also, chances are that due to the current situation of the rupee, other companies including Toyota and Suzuki will follow suit and increase the vehicle prices.

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