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At 96, A Mexican Woman Fulfilling Her Dream of Attending High School

Guadalupe Palacios—a Mexican lady topped in her high school class in Mexico, and the success does not owe to her grey hair or her deeply wrinkled skin or her ninety-six years of age.

Palacios who is looking forward to finishing her high school by her 100th birthday is also the most excited and active student in the classroom.

On Monday on the very first day of her high school in the southern state of Chiapas, dressed up in her school uniform comprising of a white polo shirt with a black skirt and her own pink sweater adding her personal touch, she said that she is all set to give her all to this and that today is one amazing day.

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She is lovingly known as “Dona Lupita”, was greeted with applause from her class fellows at the High School Number 2 in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez—the capital city of the state.

She thoroughly took notes in her mathematics and chemistry classes and even swaggered her stuff in a dance class.

Palacios was raised in poverty in a native village and spent her entire childhood providing help to her family by working on her family farm instead of attending any school.

As an adult she got engaged in the business of selling chickens in the market, she was married twice and had six children. On her life journey, she picked up arithmetic and never learnt to read or write.

Upon turning 92, she decided that it was time to study and then she got herself enrolled in a literacy program.

She while laughing said that now I could write letters to my boyfriends. She further revealed that back in 2015 she got herself enrolled in a primary school program for adult learners and in less than four years, she completed both her primary and middle school.

She added that there was no adult learning program for high school, this then made her decide to enrol in a regular public school.

She is already aspiring high and wishes to be a kindergarten teacher someday.

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