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Associated Group Intends to Introduce All-Business-Class Airline Service

Associated Group

Associated Group has got the plans of introducing an all-business-class commercial airline service that would be targeting the businessmen, bankers and executives as their basic market

As per a published report, the Group is considering making an investment of $15million for this project, which is in the advanced stages of implementation. The airline operations would focus on the flights operated within Pakistan.

Iqbal Z Ahmed—the CEO of Associated Group said that they have identified Embraer E-190 as a potential aircraft for the service. He added that it is an 80-passenger aircraft with all business class seats and that they are aiming to begin their commercial operations from the 1st of January 2020.

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Associated Group is one of the most prominent business houses in Pakistan with business interests in many sectors, prominently in the energy sector.

On the other hand, a factory in Lahore—JW Forland Factory has taken the decision of launching the first completely made in Pakistan cars.

PM Khan paid the factory visit and during that visit said that presently 8,000 employees are working in the factory, but this decision would create more jobs for 40,000 people.

Increased investment in Pakistan would be producing more money and would be bringing in huge tax revenue, thus creating more jobs.

The making of the cars locally would be done for the first time in Pakistan. Previously there were just assembling plants of vehicles in the country.

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