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Askari Park of Karachi Reopens After the Swing Accident

Askari park

The Askari Park of Karachi has reopened on Tuesday, 6 months after the swing mishap. The park was closed after a ride broke apart.

A minor girl lost her life in the accident which occurred in the month of July 2018. A ride named “Monster” broke apart at the Askari Park situated in the Old Sabzi Mandi area of Karachi.

Brigadier (retd) Shahzad—the chief executive officer of the Askari Park told the reporters that the park has been reopened after some changes in the management.

Shahzad said that this park is under the new management. He added that they have tried to adopt all the international standards which are practiced so such mishaps could be avoided in the future.

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Many families were seen rejoiced at the park opening and were seen enjoying the rides.

A visitor said that this is the first day of the park opening and expressed hope that many people would come and visit it in future.

As per a report by the investigation committee which was made to look into the accident case and do investigations revealed that the material used for the making of the ride was substandard.

It mentioned that the ride broke owing to weight imbalance and the wrong fitting, and further added that the team which was operating the ride was not trained to do so.

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