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Asim Jofa to Start Producing Protective Kits for the Doctors

Asim Jofa has prepared a team to start the production of protective kits for the doctors who are in direct contact with the COVID-19 patients.

He also uploaded a video in which he showed the first protective kit as a sample and also he showed gratitude towards his team for helping him out with such an initiative.

Asim Jofa aims to help all those people who are struggling with this disease on the frontline by giving away protective suits and masks.

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In his video message, he said that he wants to distribute these self-protection suits and masks to all the medical staff free of cost.

The Executive Director at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Dr. Seemin and her team has approved the sample Mr.Jofa showed and the production will be starting from today, told Asim Jofa.

He further added that it is so gratifying that everybody is making efforts at their ends to fight the deadly disease. According to him, if people take responsibility at an individual or collective level to fight against the virus than there are chances that the spread can be controlled.

On the other hand, the provincial government has also permitted to open cattle markets so that the supply of meat do not stop.

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