Asif Raja: From bus driver to award winning actor and director

asif raja

Asif Raja is a British-Pakistani bus driver, who now proudly calls himself an award-winning actor-director. He created an award-winning, Bollywood-style feature film using just his cell phone. His movie Ehsaas is a phone-shot flick. It was filmed at various locations around Yorkshire, over an eight-day period, on a Samsung S8+ phone and with zero budget. Later drone shots were also used in the film. The post-production took three months and a trailer was launched in July last year.

Asif Raja is resident of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and a presenter at the Asian Music radio station

He hopes that his latest media-related achievement will encourage youngsters to come forward and take interest in the entertainment industry.

“I was recently interviewed by BBC Leeds and articles about my film were published in various news outlets. I am getting very good feedback.” He said, “As a director and an actor, it has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope to take this further,” adding that intends to produce bigger and better projects in future.

“I used local, British-Pakistani talent in the film … actors like Rafiq Butt, Abdul Shakoor, Khwaja Amjad, Tehmina, Kiran Khan, and Fareed Butt, are very talented.”

“They are working on different projects but were never given proper chance to showcase their talent”, Raja explained, “Another actor in the film is Mehmood Sultan, who has worked in Pakistan and English films.”

Sultan, 66, had his first big role in the movie Actor In Law, wherein he played a judge.

Raja now looks forward to releasing his unique film in Pakistan later this year.

“I am already working on some of my future projects.” He said.

Written and directed by Raja himself, the romantic thriller is based on the story of online fraud and stock trading. It features a Bollywood-style song as well.

The film sticks true to its name — Ehsaas — and makes the audience root for the protagonist, who struggles to recover the money he loses due to a fraud.

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