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Asia Pacific Generates The Most Revenues In Telecom Sector

Asia has the biggest population count as compared to other regions, the estimated population of Asia Pacific region is around 5.266 billion. More people need more connectivity implies here, Asia Pacific is the region which generates the most global revenues in Telecom sector.

According to the IDC report, the global revenue of Telecom sector was estimated to 1.074 trillion euros in 2012 which grew to 1.129 trillion euros in 2016.

The global telecom revenues are expected to reach 1.2 trillion euros in the year 2019.

Asia Pacific region contributes the most in global telecom revenues, in 2012 Asia Pacific region contributed 0.334 trillion euros out of total 1.074 trillion euros which is almost one-third of the revenues.

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In 2016, Asia Pacific contribution grew to 0.372 trillion euros out of 1.129 trillion euros of global revenues.

Asia Pacific region is expected to grow further in 2019 with estimated revenue contribution of 0.404 trillion euros out of 1.2 trillion euros which is 33.81% share in global revenues.

Asia Pacific is the first who generates most revenues in telecom followed by the Europe and North America at second and third places respectively.

However, Africa has the smallest contribution in global revenues at the moment, Latin America is slightly ahead of Africa, but Africa will beat Latin America by 2020 and become the fourth largest contributor to global telecom revenues.