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Asgardia—The World’s First “Space Country” Launched its Satellite

Asgardia is to be the world’s first ever independent space country. Towards reaching its patronizing goal it has just launched its first satellite into the low-Earth orbit—termed as Asgardia-1 on November 12.



The satellite took a two-day journey onboard the OA-8 Antares-Cygnus—Commercial cargo—NASA to the International Space Station(ISS) from the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility—Virginia—USA. There are already six people residing at the ISS.

Asgardia-1 is a small bread loaf sized satellite that could contain data up to 0.5 terabytes. The satellite launched contained information like the personally chosen data of the 18,000 Asgardian citizens, national symbols, nation’s flag and the county’s constitution related details. Mostly data was in the form of pictures and text files. The data was a strange or let me say a unique mix of photos of cats, selfies, poems from the many people who aspire to be at Asgardia and have also registered for it.

The typical lifespan of this kind of satellite is five to eighteen months after which it disappears and burns out.

Asgardia-1 may appear to be like any other already existing satellites, however, it is different as it the only one satellite of the entire world which represents a new terrain. Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli—Head of the nation—Asgardia and a Russian-Azerbaijani scientist expressed in a mailed statement that the newly launched satellite took the nation’s core to space virtually.

He founded the space nation—Asgardia to operate in the outer space in October of 2016. Asgardia is free to join and up till now, 114,000 people have registered for it. The objective of this foundation was to provide a peaceful society, easier access to space-related technologies and the protection of Earth from space threats like asteroids, etc.

He further wrote that as promised the satellite has been launched exactly after thirteen months of its foundation. He wrote that this is the first step towards the objective of unifying the diversified humanity.

Ashurbeyli is seriously dedicated to making this Asgardia an independent space nation into a reality.

Presently, no nation on the globe is ready to accept or acknowledge the validity of Asgardia as a country, so Ashurbeyli is traveling to Washington DC to discuss with the policy makers and professionals about the future steps relating Asgardia for it to gain an official legal status of being a nation. There are also parliamentary elections underway for the Asgardian citizens.

Within forty hours of the project, Asgardia’s announcement in 2016 more than 100,000 individuals applied for the citizenship on the Asardia’s website. Anyone above eighteen and a valid email address regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, financial status or nationality could apply for the citizenship.

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As of today, there are 114,000 Asgardians from two hundred and four countries, they all unanimously agreed upon the space nation’s constitution. Turkey has the highest number of Asgardian counting up to 16,500.

The first human flight to this newly founded location is expected to occur in eight years’ time.

In one of his interviews with CNN, Ashurbeyli said that he always wanted to try doing something unusual that nobody else is doing. Introduction of just the concept of space country, not the actual launch is for sure an out of the world idea. Ashurbeyli is really hopeful on the nation’s successful identity and launch and is putting all his means and efforts to get Asgardia recognized as an independent space country.

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