Asad Umar asks People to Take Safety Precautions and Stay Healthy

COVID19 - Asad Umer

COVID19 - Asad Umer

Federal Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Minister Asad Umar asks people to follow all the safety measures and keep yourself safe. The preventive measures are very simple and basic, wear masks, and practice social distancing as prescribed by the government and the doctors.

The minister while talking to the media in Islamabad said that everybody needs to take care of themselves on their own. Therefore, listen to doctors and stay healthy. If people will not follow the safety measures then it will become more difficult to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

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Earlier in Pakistan, the coronavirus cases were increasing very quickly but now the spread of the virus has been controlled to a certain level. Asad Umar says that the difference in the cases is quite obvious.

The minister appreciated the efforts of all the doctors and also thanked all the health workers and paramedical staff for working so hard. According to him, this is the perfect example of Pakistan being at its best as everyone all over the country is making efforts to end the virus.

He further added that in some hospitals there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders. But new oxygen supply systems have been installed in many hospitals. 189 beds have been increased in the district hospitals and a 250-bed facility will be installed next week.

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