As Twitter continues to flounder, advertisers are now turning to Threads

Threads app

Due to Elon Musk’s abrupt changes to Twitter, several advertisers have left the platform. Recently, Twitter come across a new competitor. It is the Threads platform. Reportedly, Threads is growing and progressing at a fast pace. Some recent pieces of information suggest that advertisers have begun to shift from Twitter towards Threads. Since Twitter is battling dwindling user engagement and worries over brand safety.

Why is Threads so popular?

It’s just a week since Threads become official. It has reached a user base of 100 million in just a few days. Possibly it was due to its incorporation with Instagram. Moreover, the platform is focused on social conversations. In accordance with the information shared by the Vice President of the marketing firm Tinuiti, Natasha Blumenkron, users are excited to discover how Threads can help them with their current social media tactics.

Additionally, the fact that Threads and Instagram share backend management capabilities is particularly appealing to advertisers because it will make the platform more accessible to corporate social media administrators. One thing to notice here is that the primary concern of Meta is to work on the main functions of Threads instead of monetizing it. Well, this is quite obvious since the app misses the primary features like hashtags and a chronological feed.

Is Twitter’s career coming to an end?

Well, Twitter still holds a large user base as compared to Threads. According to Tipograph, the platform’s recent issues with brand safety, hate speech, and imitation have led to a sharp drop in traffic, which has worried advertisers.

On the other hand, Threads is in its early developmental phase. It has its own benefits. Its success depends on the active user base. In addition to this, the growth of the platform will eventually raise the influx of trolls and bad actors. It could result in similar consequences as users are facing on Twitter.