As per stated from NVIDIA CEO, AI-powered chips would reinvent computers

According to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, AI platforms will revolutionize computing, and AI-powered processors have the potential to completely transform computers.

AI is rapidly expanding in breadth and is establishing itself as a necessary component of daily life. Computers won’t be an exception to how it is transforming the nature and function of every existing gadget. NVIDIA, a well-known company in the semiconductor sector, is now preparing for the next-generation computers that will run entirely on AI.

NVIDIA’s CEO presented the vision for computers containing AI-powered chips

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang claimed on August 8 that AI technology will “reinvent the computer itself.” Additionally, the current generation of computing systems will soon be replaced by potent new AI platforms.

Because the programming language is now human, the large language model represents a new type of computing platform, according to Huang. “After over 15 years, a new computing platform has finally developed. Of course, the computer itself will process information very differently.

The CEO of NVIDIA continued by saying that faster computing from his company will help to align computers and computing platforms with extensive language models. Of course, Huang noted that a massive quantity of cloud is necessary for the generative AI-fueled future environment.

Huang claimed that NVIDIA is giving its Grace Hopper Superchip processor a “boost” to meet the rising demand in the cloud environment. The new chip, dubbed “GH200,” pairs with the HBM3 memory chip, the fastest memory chip in the world.

“Production of the chips has begun. This CPU is built to scale outside of data centers, anywhere. In essence, it creates a super-sized superchip out of these two superchips, Huang said.

Additionally, according to the NVIDIA CEO, businesses will be able to incorporate any substantial language model into this chip, and “it will infer like crazy.” Large language models’ inference costs will also decrease dramatically.

The semiconductor industry’s expanding demand led to NVIDIA’s valuation reaching $1 trillion. The company’s status is also well depicted in the financial reports. Beyond that, AI-powered processors might provide NVIDIA with an unassailable competitive edge and redefine what computers mean to people.