As part of a change in brand identity, the Android logo is now 3D

The tech company Google is adopting a new design strategy for Android. Reportedly, the company is going to introduce several design changes to Android. All these changes will be introduced under a new brand identity. It will mark the first change since 2019, the last time when Google introduced the new brand identity for Android.

Notably, the company is shifting the Android logo from 2D to 3D. furthermore. A new wordmark has also been showcased. It starts with the capital ‘A’ and is represented as Android. Well, this is a modification since the last time the company used a small ‘a’ for the brand name. Additionally, some changes in the shape of the n and r letters have also been made. They are now perfectly rounded.

Well, this is not the first time that a 3D logo has appeared. The company has previously showcased it during CES 2023. However, the wordmark has appeared for the first time. In an advertisement for Android that highlighted first-party apps for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 4, the redesigned wordmark and head were seen side by side.

Google has now formally acknowledged the change. As per information shared by 9to5Google, the company will reveal more information in the near future. The company will officially introduce the new changes either before or during the launch event of Pixel 8.

The company stated that on numerous surfaces, including our CES exhibit from earlier this year and other promotional materials like digital & banner ads, we’re showcasing some components of our new brand design. More information will be available in the upcoming months. Until then, we have to wait for more details to be unveiled.