ARY Network Agrees to Pay £275000 to Mian Mansha Over a Defamation Case

ARY Network Ltd was found guilty in a defamation case registered by Mian Mohammad Mansha. ARY has agreed to pay a hefty fine of £75,000 in damages and £200,000 in legal costs to Mian Mansha. London High Court has imposed the fine on ARY after it was found guilty for making false claims against Mansha.

The orders were signed by Justice Nicklin and resolved the defamation claims as ARY decided to pay Mansha “substantial damages of £75,000 and agreed on legal costs of £200,000.”

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In April 2016 the case was brought to London High Court by Mian Mansha. ARY released a report in its program ‘Kab Tak’ stating Mansha was “guilty of money laundering in relation to the acquisition of the St James Hotel and Club Ltd.” In 2015, ARY network again released “an exclusive report of Mian Mansha’s stay at St James Hotel.” Thus against that report, the case was filed by Mian Mansha. Mansha’s lawyers said that these reports by ARY are “wholly false and defamatory allegations.”

Mian Mansha said that the money paid for the hotel was legally sent to the UK and all its taxes were paid in Pakistan. He was able to prove his statement thus ARY had to suffer for making false allegations.

Public notice about this judgment has been released. It states, “[ARY Network Ltd] entered into creditors’ voluntary liquidation on Jan 12, 2017. Following this, the responsibility for the defense of the proceedings passed to the appointed liquidator.

In 2017 ARY’s licenses were revoked by UK media regulator “due to breaches of the license terms.”

Carter-Ruck Solicitors said, “The settlement is a total vindication of Mr. Mansha’s position. Des­pite many re­­quests, at no time, did ARY Network Ltd provide any evidence whatsoever in support of any of the allegations.”

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