Artist Who Made PM Imran Khan’s Portrait Gets to Meet Him


Sonia Nisa—a Pakistani artist who drew the calligraphic portrait of the Prime Minister—Imran Khan and broke records on the internet last month, has finally got a chance to meet with the PM.

The artist has got the chance of meeting with the prime minister—Imran Khan herself personally and there she presented the portrait she created of the premier.

Nisa has drawn the face of the Prime Minister by writing lyrics of the national anthem of Pakistan in such a pattern that upon completion, the calligraphy matched the prime minister.

On Thursday, she posted a video of her meeting with the Prime Minister in the federal capital with her daughter.

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PM Khan cut the ribbon of the pairing and unveiled it before he signed it.

The meeting was organised by the Special Assistant of PM—Iftikhar Durrani and the Senator Faisal Javed for providing her with the chance of meeting with the PM.

In the posted video, the prime minister looks visibly amazed by the different wheres an antique piece of art whereas Ms. Nisa looked excited and eager to meet with the prime minister. She calls the PM an honest, just and inspirational leader and admires him as a role model.

In some earlier post Ms Nisa mentioned that it took her 6-10 hours daily to work on the project evert day. She wanted to gift the painting to the premier during his visit to Doha however she did not get the chance of doing so.

She had asked people via social media to spread her work so that it may reach the PM.

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