Artificially Ripened Fruits are Bad for Health

fruit and vegetable prices

fruit and vegetable prices

The administration of the Islamabad Capital Territory is active on social media and spreading its regular actions for the welfare of community, the fruit vendors are selling the artificially ripened fruits full of impurities in the city markets.

Fruit sellers possess a serious health risk to the lives of people by selling chemically ripened fruits in the city without knowing its repercussions, the consumers accused.

A consumer shopping in one of the markets of Islamabad said that the use of various chemicals for ripening the fruits might speed up the sales of fruits or boost the businesses however it is death being sold by the shopkeepers.

He asked the Islamabad Capital Territory—ICT administration for keeping a check on the quality of fruits being sold in the markets and improve the conditions for providing better quality fruits.

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Another consumer said that the outer skin of fruits ripened via unlawful means might attract the consumers but in fact it carried high quantity of acidity and low sugar content.

The poorly developed flavor is dangerous as it might contain traces of arsenic and phosphorous hydride.               

A farmer indicated the methods of artificial ripening the fruits said that they were matured via commercial means like calcium carbide covered in a cloth or a paper placed at the bottom of the basket. For increasing the basket temperature and for maintaining the humidity, the basket is wrapped with a strong craft paper.

The farmer also said that in the developed nations, fruits are ripened commercially in an artificial chamber posing no health dangers, but in Pakistan, the departments are not giving any facility to the farmers in this regard.

A doctor of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences said that the early symptoms of the phosphorous and arsenic poisoning includes diarrhoea, vomiting, burning sensation, weakness, thirst, etc.

A nutritionist at the National Institute of Health, suggested better methods for artificial ripening of vegetables and fruits for preventing direct contact of the substance with fruits.

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