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Arrest Warrants Issued Against Dr Shahid Masood

Non-Bailable arrest warrants have been issued against the already banned TV anchor and journalist Dr. Shahid Masood. A civil judge has issued this warrant.

Senior Civil Judge Aamir Aziz issued these warrants for the framed charges against Dr. Masood by Federal Investigation Agency claiming that  he embezzled Rs 30.8 million

Kashif Awan the investigation officer has taken the warrants against the renowned TV personality, Dr. Shahid Masood.

As per FIA, Masood made an agreement with a fake company to acquire media rights of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He did this while he was the serving chairman of Pakistan Television (PTV).

The reaction of the anchor was this, “Thanks, only ‘this’ was left.”

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar banned Dr. Shahid Masood from appearing on TV for three months time starting from March 20th. This decision was made after Dr. Shahid Masood’s claim that there is an international pornographic ring in Pakistan was found untrue.

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Masood also made some alarming claims relating to the murder and rape of Zainab, the eight-year-old child from Kasur.

Masood asked the interference of top judge to look into this issue. But he was unable to provide any proper evidence relating to his claims. Thus a ban for three months was issued on ‘Live With Dr. Shahid Masood’ program hosted by Dr. Shahid Masood on News One.

Chief Justice said,  ‘Maybe you take the courts lightly. This is not the old judiciary.”

Adding, “Let it be clear that either the courts have evolved or may be I have changed. “This is the majesty of constitution and law.”

Massod submitted a written apology to the court at that time stating,  “I hereby express remorse and repentance over whatever I stated in the said programme and tender unconditional, unqualified and sincere apology from this court.”