Arnold Schwarzenegger to visit Pakistan to highlight climate change

Arnold Pakistan

Arnold Schwarzenegger a Hollywood superstar and 38th governor of California met Malik Amin Aslam adviser to Prime Minister for Climate Change and promised to come to Pakistan.

According to Aslam’s tweet, the former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged to visit Pakistan in order to highlight the country’s vulnerability to extreme climate changes.

In relation to the 24th international conference of parties dubbed COP24 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change which is going to take place in Poland. The advisor to prime minister would be attending the conference as Pakistan’s representative.

Arnold has successfully completed two terms in the office from 2003 to 2011 as a governor of California, he not only became popular as a Hollywood star who has a series of super hit films in his career including “The Terminator”, “The Terminator 2”, “Commando” and “Predator” but also he was a successful governor of California for eight years and has significant contribution towards the society.

Pakistan is becoming more and more vulnerable country for climate changes, increasing pollution, population, rising temperatures are exposing the country to extreme vulnerability, and recently Lahore has been ranked as a 2nd worst city in daily world air quality.

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