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Armeena Khan Outraged Over Sheikh Rasheed’s Offensive Comments

Armeena Khan is famous for speaking openly whatever comes to her mind. She is known for expressing her views on social media. The actress has played her part in helping the Syrian refugees and addressing the hypocrisy that is present around the world. She has also spoken openly regarding the cyberbullying and racial discrimination in the past.

Recently, the bold actress shared her two cents on Twitter regarding Sheikh Rasheed—the chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) when he abused people from the entertainment industry on live television.

The actress wrote that who is this man and why is he using such abusive language against the film industry. She further inquired after the content that is being on-aired on television mentioning that why is such abusive language getting the permit to be shown on the mainstream television.

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Her comments gained a lot of attention, Armeena Khan expressed her disappointment, highlighting that people like Sheikhs are “leaders”.

One of the Twitter users seemed to be in total agreement with the senior politician’s statement, however, Armeena taught him a lesson.

While speaking of Sheikh, the actress still could not believe what his thoughts were regarding the film fraternity. She further said that she is embarrassed for this man. She wrote how could he just sit there and make such remarks without even thinking about the broader consequences. She questioned his education and background.

The Janaan actor also explained that if Sheikh Rasheed would have been in the United Kingdom, a person like him would not be permitted anywhere near the public office.

Armeena stated that what is the gesture of selling the motherland soil to corrupt politicians is called?

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