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Armeena Khan, Ayesha Omar Shared Their Sexual Harassment Incidents

Ever since the accusations of Meesha Shafi have come to light against Ali Zafar many more female celebrities have come forward sharing their own experiences regarding how they too suffered and were harassed at the hands of sexual wrongdoers.

Armeena Khan—the famous actress of Janaan took it to Twitter to share her story. She mentioned that while cladded in a burka, in Lahore, where no one even was aware of her identity she was floundered.

She added that how a woman decides to dress herself up has got nothing to do with being a victim of sexual harassment as she was completely covered under the garment she was wearing when the incident happened with her.

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Ayesha Omer—another big name of Pakistan film and television industry, who has been there in the industry for quiet some time now, also expressed about her harassment incident.

On a local TV channel Ayesha said that she herself had been a victim of sexual harassment from someone who belongs to the industry. She further added that she does not possess enough courage to talk about it like Meesha did, but she hopes that she might someday feel confident enough to share her harassment story.

With huge number of women speaking up about their harassment stories it appears that the #MeToo movement has begun in Pakistan. The Pakistani entertainment industry it seems to have divided upon the Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar sexual harassment controversy.

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5 thoughts on “Armeena Khan, Ayesha Omar Shared Their Sexual Harassment Incidents

  1. we kept asking for when the media and entertainment industry would wake up and expose the harassers among them. Again, it took a woman to do it. After #MeeshaShafi’ s revelation more women will find the courage to break the silence.

  2. Even if I’m the only one boycotting Ali Zafar, I feel better about not supporting a harasser. It sends a message that sexual predatory behavior is NOT okay and one should be held accountable for their malicious actions. #metoo #sexualharassment #womenrights #harrasmentcase #supportmeeshashafi #justiceformeeshashafi

  3. Sexual harassment by anybody is disgusting. Uncivilized. Criminal. If Mr. Ali Zafar, very famous artist did it. He is equally guilty. Ladies and gents keep shaming these hateful creatures publicly till they learn lessons. Let these be lessons for would-be harasser

  4. The #metoo campaign should be a wakeup call for all of us. While specific percentages vary across studies, the research shows that the majority of all working women have experienced some form of sexual harassment over their work lives, about 70% of whom never lodge a formal complaint largely due to fears of being doubted or punished for coming forward. Meesha deserves a lot of credit for speaking out. It takes a lot of courage especially in a country like Pakistan.#SupportMeeshaShafi

  5. Please take a moment to
    make the call. This is such an important subject matter – for all of those who
    have been a victim of #sexualharrassment. Let’s
    do what we can to create a better future for all! #MeToo #MeTooPK #WomenRights

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