ARM Mulls To Finally Get Rid Of Its Chinese Boss

The farce about the Chinese boss of chip designer ARM never ends. For years he has stubbornly refused to give up his position. Now another attempt is being made to permanently remove him from the company. ARM fired Allen Wu again last week. That might come as a surprise to some who remember the case. Because it is not the first time that the manager has been fired.

Last year they actually wanted to kick him out, but with the support of employees who were more loyal to him than the company and hired security forces, he managed to virtually occupy the ARM facility in China – and just acted on his job. . Another attempt to get Wu out of the company is now underway, the news agency reported Reuters And again the manager refuses to leave his post. However, apparently, the parent company is now better prepared than it was last year when it was caught off guard by the unusual event.

Added 2 new bosses

Last week, ARM appointed a team of two new chiefs to its office in China. In the meantime, it has probably also been possible that Wu is no longer listed as an official legal representative to the authorities. In addition, it was announced that the company channel on the social media service Weibo will henceforth serve as the official communication channel.

Most of the other options are still under the control of Wu and his minions. ARM China was cut off from all new developments last year to make it harder for the unwanted boss. However, that didn’t stop him from using his position to his advantage as much as possible. At the same time, he set up his own company and attracted investors by saying that they should get more favorable terms for licensing ARM designs when they start financing.