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Arab Magazine Publishes PM Khan’s Photo on its Cover


It seems that the glorious days of the present Prime Minister of Pakistan are still not over. Arrajol—a popular magazine of Saudi Arabia has ornamented its cover with the photo of PM Khan. The photo has taken the internet by storm. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf supporters are sharing the magazine cover on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites.

PM Imran Khan used to be the figure of the top sports magazine covers during his cricket days. He was a well-loved and applauded cricket star.

His popularity denies going down ever after he is more than 60 years in age.

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Recently PM Khan revealed that by choosing to live in his own Banigala residence he is saving millions of rupees. He informed that he bears all the costs and expenses of his house and has spent six million rupees from his own pocket.

As per his supporters, Imran Khan—the ex-cricket star and the 22nd Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, now enjoys an unmatched level of fame in the Arab world which is clear from the cover of a top Saudi magazine which published his picture on the most recent cover of the edition.

This is an undeniable fact that the PM Pakistan is indeed a handsome man with the right amount of grace that is needed in a man.

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