Apple’s M3 Chip Exceeds Speed Expectations in Initial Benchmarks

Apple M3 chip

Apple’s latest M3 chip, introduced at the “Scary Fast” event, has proven its mettle in recent benchmark tests. These tests, conducted by Geekbench, validate Apple’s bold claims about the chip’s performance.

Impressive Performance Metrics

The M3 chip, debuting in a new 24-inch iMac and a MacBook Pro model, has shown remarkable results in Geekbench’s evaluations. According to Apple, the base M3 chip, equipped with an 8-core CPU, operates up to 20% faster than its predecessor, the M2, and a significant 35% faster than the M1. Moreover, the M3’s 10-core GPU outperforms the M2 by 20% and surpasses the M1 by an impressive 65%.

Benchmark Results

Geekbench’s testing of a device powered by the base M3 chip (it’s unclear whether it was the MacBook Pro or the iMac) yielded a single-core score of 3,030 and a multicore score of 11,694. These scores align closely with Apple’s claims, showing a 20% improvement over the M2 (which scores approximately 2,600 in single-core and 9,700 in multicore tests) and a 30% increase over the M1.

Future Tests and Expectations

While these results pertain only to the standard M3 chip, not the M3 Pro or M3 Max variants, further testing of these advanced models is anticipated. These initial benchmarks are a promising indicator for customers awaiting their new devices and those considering a purchase, offering a glimpse into the chip’s real-world performance capabilities.


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