Apple Watch Series 8 Renders Exposed should have a flat screen and new design

Last year there were rumors that the Apple Watch 7 would come with a flat-screen and thus be adapted to the design of the current iPhones. As is known, nothing has come of this, but it is now known that the switch will take place with the Apple Watch 8.

As always, the Apple Smartwatch is a hot topic this year. In the run-up to the introduction of the new 2021 version, there was already talk that Apple was working on a watch model that would have to do without curved screen edges. It was also said that this new variant would come without the highly rounded sides of the case.

Then, when Apple unveiled the Watch Series 7, it became clear that the sources of the leak were wrong. After all, optically nothing has changed with the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the previous generation. According to YouTubers and Apple goodies Jon Prosser It’s now becoming clear that the world’s most valuable company wants to live up to the rumors this year.

According to sources, the redesigned Apple Watch project that the manufacturer has been working on for the past year was actually intended for the 8th generation and not the 7th generation from last year. As before, there is now talk that the display cover glass will be flat, while the edges of the case are now steep. The screen also seems to grow a bit.

Above all, however, one thing remains the same: Apple continues to rely on a “square” display and does not adopt a round panel like some other manufacturers Samsung and Google. Prosser and his little helpers provide a load of renders they’ve created based on the information they have at their disposal. Rumor has it that Apple doesn’t just want to equip the new Watch Series 8 with some new sports features. There are also new features to monitor heart health and measure body temperature and even satellite connectivity as possible innovations.