Apple wants you to immediately install iOS 17.0.1

Apple released iOS 17 to the iPhone Xs and Xr earlier this week. Hundreds of millions of iPhones, to be precise. Nevertheless, only a few days later, Apple is now releasing iOS 17.0.1, a very little but crucial upgrade.

This tiny update for the iPhone, which is just approximately 279MB in size, resolves a few security flaws. Which makes installation crucial. since one of these vulnerabilities has been extensively exploited. Even though installing updates on your phone can be a pain, you absolutely must do so immediately.

If you’re anticipating the arrival of an iPhone 15, iOS 17.0.2 will be waiting for you right out of the box. And after it installs, you won’t be able to continue the setup. Which is wonderful since it will guarantee that everyone updates their phone. Though many people choose to ignore and forego installing these updates, they are crucial. But installing this is essential.

Apple also made WatchOS 10.0.1 available

Apple also launched watchOS 10.0.1, another security upgrade, along with iOS 17.0.1. The same is true in this instance. To ensure your security isn’t at risk, you’ll want to upgrade your watch with this most recent update.

At 146MB, this update is a little bit smaller. Keep in mind that this update cannot be installed until the Apple Watch is charging and has a battery level of at least 50%. So, it’s ideal to charge it up and update it as soon as you can. Go to Settings > General > Software Updates to get your updates for the iPhone and Apple Watch. You can perform this action on the Apple Watch directly or through the iPhone’s Watch app.

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