Apple VR/AR Headset Could Be Unveiled At WWDC 2022

Apple AR VR

Apple’s Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) headset is expected to be revealed in the near future as two trademarks, namely RealityOS that are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and have been identified. 

The trademarks were filed by an unknown firm known as Realityo Systems LLC in December last year under peripherals software and wearable computer hardware categories. Based on Apple’s past it is possible that this is an Apple-owned shell corporation. The filing also revealed the applicant hasn’t provided any proof of usage anywhere or in any commercial transaction.

Parker Ortolani, a consumer product manager, announced via a Tweet the two registered trademarks related to RealityOS are filed with the USPTO by a fictitious company named Realityo Systems LLC. He suggests the company could have been a false company that was set up through Apple because the company is a believer in secrecy. He makes several assertions in his Twitter post as well as the blog to back up his claims.

They were registered by the company’s shell on the 8th of December last year in categories such as the creation and improvement of hardware for computers peripherals, software Computer and video games, and wearable computer hardware. The deadline for filing foreign applications to file The RealityOS trademarks will be June 8th this year. The deadline falls just two days after the WWDC keynote. Given Apple’s past, it is likely that the company is likely to obtain the trademarks from the company that shelled it that created the product just a couple of days after.

Realityo Systems LLC has not given the USPTO evidence of usage in any way or commerce for its trademarks therefore it is believed that the trademark was used to describe the development of a new product.

RealityOS name was first found in the Apple App store upload log. This initially raised concerns about RealityOS, a firm working on an AR/VR headset. According to a publication by 9to5Mac Realityo Systems LLC and Yosemite Research LLC, the shell company Apple employed to register versions of macOS shares the identical address. Yosemite Research LLC was used to register trademarks, including macOS Monterey. In the last month, another report was reported that claimed that Apple’s AR/VR headset is delayed until the beginning of 2023. So, Apple could not reveal the headset until the conference in 2022.