Apple Vision Pro To Support Windows XP

The first thing many asked themselves when Apple’s Vision Pro was presented: But will the glasses also support Windows XP? This is of course a joke, but this question can now be answered in the affirmative. Because some have managed to emulate the OS oldie on Vision Pro.

Emulate Windows XP via UTM

Specifically, the makers of UTM are responsible for this, they offer full-time emulation solutions with which you can run other operating systems on iOS. Incidentally, UTM is supported on iOS 11, 12, and 13 for non-jailbroken devices through sideloading. A jailbreak is required to use UTM on iOS 14.

This also means that the UTM developers are well-versed in bringing other operating systems to Apple software. Now you show your expertise with an experiment that is certainly not meant to be very serious or productive. Because in a video shared on X, UTM via 9to5Mac shows that you have managed to run Windows XP on VisionOS or the simulator for Apple Vision Pro.

UTM shows that and how this works. Of course, this is primarily a demonstration of the capabilities of your own software, since this virtual machine is clearly required to run it. Accordingly, you can also see the start of UTM, the boot screen of Windows XP, and finally, the well-known welcome screen, followed by the classic green hills background.

However, this is not really usable yet and this does not necessarily mean that Vision Pro is not (longer) available. Rather, UTM refers to the whole thing as “Sneak Peak”, partly because input support has not yet been implemented. But of course, you want to submit that later.

It is not really surprising that UTM has managed to implement its software for VisionOS so quickly, after all the AR operating system is based on Apple’s iPadOS – which the developers of UTM already support.