Apple to release its first operating system lisa to the world


The Operating System of Apple’s first PC, Lisa, is being released to the general population after about 35 years of its initial discharge. The Computer History Museum has uncovered that the source code of the OS has been recuperated and is under audit by Apple before its release to the general population.

A staff individual of the Computer History Museum said that the source code of both the OS and the applications have been recuperated and will make it openly accessible in 2018 after Apple has inspected the code.

It is important to note that this is not a third party initiative and is straightforwardly being taken care of by Apple itself, as opposed to the huge number of Lisa emulators accessible in the market.

The Lisa was discharged in 1983 and retailed for $10,000 around then. It was the main gadget to bolster a graphical UI and support for a mouse. In spite of this, the machine neglected to make its stamp in the market, managing to sale a mere measure of 10,000 units.

It is said that the disappointment of the Lisa was one of the fundamental reasons why Steve Jobs left Apple and established NeXT PCs. Steve Jobs was at last taken back to Apple after his venture, NeXT PCs were purchased by Apple.

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