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Apple To Offer ‘Find My’ Feature In Other Devices And Third Parties

Apple Find My

The opening keynote speech at the WWDC developer conference was not nearly enough at Apple this year to present all the innovations. It was only later that the company would also open its “Find My network” to third-party providers.

Find My‘ is integrated into all of the manufacturer’s newer mobile devices from the MacBook to the AirPods. The function is used to find devices that were left somewhere or that were even stolen. Not only can the systems be located, but sounds can also be played for easier localization or data can be deleted so that they do not fall into the hands of a thief.

As the company now announced, the platform behind it should now also be opened to third-party providers. In the future, it should also be possible to find various other devices in this way, for example by simply starting the Find My app on the iPhone. The systems in question only need to be equipped with a Bluetooth module with Bluetooth Low Energy Support.

The technology is used to communicate with other Apple devices that may appear near the object you are looking for. Because not all mobile systems, such as the MacBooks, have their own ability to receive location data via GPS or a comparable system. The AirPods cannot even connect to the Find My Cloud due to a lack of internet connection. Therefore, such devices then report to a nearby Apple device. This then transfers the data with its own position to the Apple cloud.

further, so that conclusions can be drawn about the location. The connections are encrypted with the user’s keys so that neither the owners of the intermediate devices nor Apple can see the coordinates.

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