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Apple Shuts Its Stores In The U.S. After Riots And Looting

Apple Store closed

In response to the protests following George Floyd’s death in the United States, Apple has announced it will help with a donation to a human rights organization. In addition, some US stores are being closed, as further looting is feared.

In an open letter, Apple CEO Tim Cook has now contacted employees to reflect on the events of the past few days after George Floyd’s violent death during a police check. Cook emphasizes how important the company is for equality and fair treatment for all people and how much the Group builds on these values.

In response to the ongoing unrest, Cook’s memo reminded his employees of America’s “history of racism” and said: “This painful past is still present today – not only in the form of violence, but in the daily experience of deep-seated discrimination.” Cook also took his employees’ fears seriously and admitted that racial injustice still prevails in the United States.

With the words “we have to do more” Cook now promised further rapid donations to various human rights groups to support their work and thus also to take a position. He named the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit organization that focuses on issues of racial injustice, mass detention, and human rights for “the weakest people in American society”. 

The company now doubles all employee donations by a ratio of two to one in June. Cook encouraged everyone to be there now. Apple will also keep some stores closed so employees don’t run the risk of being looted. It said: “With regard to the health and safety of our teams, we decided to keep a number of our stores in the United States closed on Sunday.” Many stores will remain closed on Monday, June 1st. You will first have to wait and decide every day when to open again as soon as security is guaranteed.

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